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Welcome to The Steampunk Laboratory!

Thanks for visiting. Please visit our sister-site,, too!


For directions to our new place, the Columbus Idea Foundry, please click here As a result, this site is out-of-date; nearly all of the pictures featured here were taken at our old location, the Milo Arts Community in Columbus, OH.


About the Laboratory

The Steampunk Laboratory is a collaborative effort to "learn-by-doing" various creative engineering projects and functional art pieces.  The goals of the Lab are to design, produce and sell interesting works, as well as to learn and teach science and engineering to students young and old via innovative, practical, and entertaining projects.  



The lab is operated out of the Idea Foundry community workshop and learning center in Columbus, OH.  More on the Idea Foundry as it evolves....  Please note - almost all of the images from this site were taken at our old location at the Milo Arts Community in Columbus.


For images and further details, please click on the links below:    




About Steampunk

Steampunk is a subgenre of literature spawned from the fusion of H. G. Wells, Jules Verne, 1950's retrofuture sci-fi/fantasy imagery, and modern industry.  At the dawn of the age of modern technology (with the advent of steam power, brass calculating devices, locomotives, steamships and far-flying zeppelins), machines were still fashioned as artwork had been crafted for ages - with ornate designs and as much detail to the aesthetics as to the function.  Many of the ideals of that era are inspiring too: discovery, technological empowerment, enterprise, exploration,  and wonder.  One design theme of the Steampunk Lab is to apply those same ideals and 'zen' to modern day devices, art, and visual story-telling.

Wikipedia Entry on Steampunk

Inspiring Steampunk Workshop Website


About this Site

This website serves multiple goals -
  1. To allow the Steampunk Laboratory members to communicate and coordinate with each other
  2. To blog about the progress of various projects underway
  3. To maintain a "how-to" directory of technical achievements
  4. To communicate the resources and skill-sets of the Laboratory to the general public.  (Would you like to build something?  Ask us!)
  5. To promote the goals of the Lab in order to attract new members, funding, and general enthusiasm. :-)

Please note - this is a "wiki" site, which means that it grows with the contributions from its members.  If interested, sign up, read the instructions on the "How to contribute to this site" (here), and start adding your own ideas, talents, and content!

If interested in anything, please contact us, or reply to one of the posts in our blogs.

Thanks again for visiting!



 (By the way - please don't mistake us for, a great aggregator of all things Steampunk, which predates this site.  Pay them a visit by clicking here.)


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